Accurate location of damage to electric in-floor heating

Do You Have a Cold Floor?   arrow

Do you have a cold floor? To identify whether your issue is or isn’t in the floor, follow this quick checklist:

  • Check power is on plus circuit breaker is ‘ON’ (or that the fuse is intact).
  • Is thermostat ‘ON’ and lights showing?
  • Is the heating on ‘Off-peak’ supply?
  • Does electricity meter ‘speed up’ when thermostat turned ‘ON’?
  • Do lights slightly ‘dip’ when thermostat turned ‘On’?
  • Has any work been performed in this area?

If the above checks do not reveal the problem have your electrician check the circuit and ask for the following information:

Brand name on the thermostat
Voltage out of thermostat. (Check Off peak?)
Wattage of element and/or aprox. Sq. m. of room or area
Approximate age of element
Colour, size and type of cold tails at connection point
Active/Neutral Ohms (Multi meter only)
Active/Earth screen Ohms (Multi meter only)
Neutral/Earth screen Ohms (Multi meter only)
Earth screen to Earth screen Ohms (if double ended cable)
Earth screen to supply Earth Ohms
Contactor controlled and checked?
Carpet or tiles? (Spare tiles?)
Electricians contact details.
Additional Information?

PRINT PAGE: Click here to download a printer friendly version of the above information request.

If the electrician is unable to solve the problem go to the ‘Contact Us‘ page and fill in the form with all of the above details and the contact details of your electrician. Doing this may save you time and money by identifying problems that can be fixed by a local electrician.