Accurate location of damage to electric in-floor heating

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The following photos were taken on site at various Floor Heating Repair projects that we have worked on:

MIMS cable struck by lightning Bathurst, NSW. MIMS cable struck by lightning.
Glass door guide Sydney, NSW. Glass door guide.
X marks the spot. Accurate location of damage and only one tile removed.
Canberra. Laboratory Construction Site.  Cables cut by diamond saw when additional expansion joints were cut in the concrete.
 Thredbo road de-ice Thredbo. Road de-ice cable damaged near garden.
Griffith, NSW. Under tile element cut in 11 places by tiler cutting and removing tiles.
  Sydney, NSW. Previous damage repaired by unknown person.  Not an approved repair.
Sydney, NSW. Accurate location of a fault in Ensuite. Only one tile removed.
  Sydney, NSW. Close up of previous photo. Impact damage to an Elektra in-screed cable. Located and retained for insurance purposes.
  Sydney,NSW. MIMS (Pyro) cable overheated following lightning strike. This one was not repairable.
  Canberra, ACT. In-screed cable close to wall and damaged during carpet smooth edge installation.
  Narromine, NSW.  Alcatel cable cold tail junction failed due to damage during installation
Minus 35degC freezer room.  Door de-icing cable repair. Yes it was cold.
Canberra, ACT. Reinforcing mesh and cable marked for equipment installation.
   Sydney, NSW. MIMS (Pyro) damaged with resultant burn back and cable failure.
 Melbourne, VIC. How’s this for luck? Doorstop installation. 2 x damage to cable.
Canberra, ACT. Impact damage Nexans in-slab cable, impact damage during installation of floor.
  Canberra, ACT. Under carpet supply cables cut by carpet layer at steps

The following photos are taken using an Infra Red camera which helps identify hot spots where floor heating issues are likely to exist:

  Adelaide, SA. Cable damaged at floor waste in bathroom
 Canberra, ACT. Point of damage and cable layout
   Cable damaged adjacent to bathroom floor waste
Cable loops installed too close and crossed over. No warranty and potential failures
Checking if my coffee is served at the correct temperature
 The cable is not installed according to manufacturer’s recommendations
Incorrect installation. Cable overlapping with potential for overheating and failure.
   This shows where the cable was cut by tiler when cleaning prior to grouting
  Sydney,NSW. 2 x cold tail junctions overheating following damage during installation
  Cable close to surface on stairs.  Point’s of potential overheating and failure.
Cowra, NSW. Two faults visible in bathroom floor.
Narromine, NSW. Cable damaged during installation of expansion joint and resulting failure.
Perth, WA. Faulty circuit breakers overheating. This caused the breakers to “trip” and a cold floor
Perth, WA. What a place to end??