Accurate location of damage to electric in-floor heating

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Repair Equipment for Professionals

The construction of modern in-floor heating cables has seen many changes within the industry. The requirement for more accurate locations and more sophisticated equipment has seen several location and repair technicians retire from the industry. Other interested electricians have been reluctant to purchase the required equipment due to the variety, size, weight and cost of that equipment.

While servicing the current market, we have found that the in-floor heating manufacturers do not have suitable equipment to allow them to train their technicians in the location of the damage to their cables in a concrete floor. With the development of the Tone Voltage Current Generator [TVCG] and subsequent manufacturer/production of the device, we will be able to assist the cable manufacturers with this shortfall.

After visiting Europe in 2012, it became very clear that there is a growing need for the development of a suitable light weight piece of equipment that assists technicians with fault finding in the cables. Along with this need, it was quite obvious that training is considerably lacking in this area as well as most technicians have no training in the methodology of locating damage to floor heating cables.

Current technology for locating cables and damage utilises a number of instruments and heavy transformers. This can add up to over 40kg of equipment being carried onto a site or into a house to locate damage to an electric in-slab in-floor heating element. By using up-to-date technology a number of instruments can be combined, reducing the total weight to around 8.5kg.

When a pre-production prototype is available it will be demonstrated to the main distributors of in-floor heating cables in Australia. The TVCG will then be taken to the manufacturers across Europe to be demonstrated for its potential and to seek orders for its supply. However, it is envisaged that manufacturing of the technology will be in Australia.

Franchise opportunities will be available. Anyone who may be interested, please feel free to contact us for further details.